English Day


  • Valerie Aguilar. English and French language teacher. PhD in the field of French language and literature (Princeton University). Her research interests include teaching through multimedia, literature, and music.
  • Nadia Azzouz. Professor at the University of Andorra. BA in Educational Sciences and in Translation and Interpretation. She is involved in research as a member of the Research Group on Languages at the University of Andorra, where she is taking a PhD in the fields of Applied Linguistics and Technology.
  • Ferran Costa. Professor at the University of Andorra. BA in International Relations. MA in Applied Languages. He is currently undergoing research work on his PhD at the University of Andorra.
  • Alisa Vaughan. Professor at the University of Andorra. BA in Spanish. MA in Specialized Translation. She is enrolled in a MA in Applied Languages at the University of Lleida.


Wednesday 26th June 2019, 9:00am – 3:00 pm (lunch included)


English Day is a language and culture immersion day in which participants will have the opportunity to listen, talk and play in English while engaging in fun activities and games. The aims of the English Day are to have participants practice their English skills, improve their oral fluency, immerse them into the English-speaking culture for a few hours, and ultimately, to raise awareness about the importance of English in our training, career and the globalized modern world.

Target audience

UdA students and staff


9h-10h. Welcome, American/British-style breakfast, and English-language ice-breakers (All moderators)

10h-10h45. Jeopardy! (Alisa Vaughan)

10h45-11h30. English pop songs activity (Nadia Azzouz)

11h30-12h30. Language games in English (Ferran Costa)

12:30-13:45. Panelists. “English: Experiences and Opportunities.” (Valerie Aguilar)

13:45-15h. American-style lunch and conversation in English

Small group

The maximum number of participants is 30 so that everyone will have the opportunity to speak, ask questions and participate in every activity. In the event that interest in the seminar exceeds availability, participants will be selected by order of registration date.


Participants attending at least 80% of the seminar will obtain an Attendance Certificate.

Pre-enrollment and registration

For more information

Nadia Azzouz: nazzouz@uda.ad
Universitat d’Andorra
Plaça de la Germandat, núm. 7
AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria
Tel.: +376 743 000