First enrolment


Documents which grant access to doctoral studies in the Principality of Andorra:

  • Original degree and a photocopy, if the student possesses a license or Master’s degree from the state of Andorra
  • Certification of access to doctoral studies issued by the Government of Andorra, in the case of foreign university degrees.


During the first two semesters, the doctoral student will be given a mentor who will guide him/her during that initial period of study. The mentor will be assigned by the University of Andorra at the student’s proposal, and the mentor must possess a doctoral degree.

Enrolment modalities

The definition and distribution of courses in the plan of studies allows two types of study per semester:

  • Full-time enrolment: Corresponds to 30 credits per semester and concludes with the corresponding monitoring point (an activity report or annual report)
  • Part-time enrolment: Corresponds to a minimum of 15 credits per semester

Tuition fees

The fees per semester are of €750 as established by the edict published by the BOPA number 21 of April 5, 2017