Bachelor of Catalan Language

The Bachelor of Catalan language programme’s objective is to train multi-skilled professionals and provide them with a solid base of knowledge and abilities in the discipline, which will enable them to adequately develop their professional activities in the field of the Catalan language.

Method of Teaching

  • Online, in collaboration with the Open University of Catalonia.


The curriculum of the Bachelor of Catalan Language includes compulsory subjects (162 European credits) and optional subjects (18 European credits).

Except for elective credits, detailed subjects are compulsory.

Sem.Subjects (taught in Catalan)ECTSTotal
1Language, culture and society630
Introduction to literature studies6
Introduction to language sciences6
IT literacy in Catalan language and literature6
Modern Language I: English / French
2Latin Language. Language, literature and culture630
Introduction to European literature6
Modern Language II: English / French6
XIXth Century Catalan Literature6
Catalan Language: Structure and use6
3Catalan Sociolinguistics630
Language Structures6
XXth Century Catalan literature6
Catalan Language Set of rules6
Theory of Literature6
4Multilingualism and education630
Modern Catalan Literature6
History of the Catalan Language6
Medieval Catalan Literature6
Catalan Language and Digital Technologies6
5Literature, Culture and Society in Catalonia630
Catalan Syntax6
Language and Literature in Andorra and the Pyrenees6
Didactics of the Catalan Language 6
Elective Credits6
6Language Policy and Planning630
Catalan Language: Phonetics,Pphonology and Morphology6
Degree Dissertation6
Elective Credits12

Career Opportunities

The program of Bachelor of Catalan Language trains versatile professionals competent to appropriately develop activities in various areas related to language in present day society.

Professions for which the graduated student of the Bachelor of Catalan Language will be trained include:

  • Kindergarten and primary school teacher of Catalan language.
  • Catalan Language support and consulting services.
  • Management of editorial projects, language policy and cultural management.
  • Support adult education in Catalan language and literature.
  • Teacher of oral and written expression techniques.

Further Education

The Bachelor of Catalan Language gives access to second cycle studies (master) in the countries of the European Higher Education Area.

Complementary Information

The Bachelor of Catalan Language, together with 60 additional credits, leads to obtaining the equivalent Spanish degree by the Open University of Catalonia, providing the candidate meets the requirements to attain university degrees in Spain.

The Bachelor of Catalan Language is a program offered in collaboration with the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). The teaching of most subjects (162 credits) is through the virtual learning environment of that other university (UOC), except for the specific subjects of Andorra (18 credits), teaching which takes place through the virtual learning environment of the University of Andorra.

The specific subjects of Andorra are:

  • Didactics of the Catalan language.
  • Language and literature in Andorra and the Pyrenees.
  • Degree Dissertation