Research group on health sciences and health services


The Research Group on Health Sciences and Health Services (GRCS) at the University of Andorra was established in 2008. It is a group of professionals from different disciplines and institutions set up as a research group associated with the University of Andorra as a multidisciplinary group.


The objectives of the research group are:

  • Carry out an analysis of the patterns of drug use as a basis for a rational implementation: A study of pediatric care at the hospital emergency service: an analysis of the prescription of antibiotics.
  • Develop studies on the need and outcomes of health services.
  • Evaluate the efficacy, safety and efficiency of medical technology related to the use of drugs, either as prevention or as treatment of the disease.
  • Cooperate with all Andorran entities involved in Bio-sanitary Research and promote a Collaborative Research Network at Andorran level and with research lines related to each team.

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Elvira Gea Rodriguez
Mercè Avellanet Viladomat

Elvira Gea Rodriguez
Mercè Avellanet Viladomat