English, entrance and exit diagnostic test

The University of Andorra establishes Level A2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as the minimum requirement in English for new students. Having obtained this level on entering the university, bachelor’s degree students can follow the English language itineraries established in all bachelor’s degree courses and, having obtained their English language credits, can take a compulsory subject in which the vehicular language is English.

Due to a range of circumstances, some students enter the UdA without having achieved the A2 level in English. In such cases, an alternative itinerary is provided, which enables students to achieve the same level of English as other students by the time they leave the UdA. That is why it is important to ascertain the English level of all students when they enrol at the University of Andorra for the first time.

To this end, students enrolling for the first year of any face-to-face bachelor’s degree at the UdA are required to take a compulsory English test, administered free of charge, which will enable them to decide their itinerary in English according to the level they achieve.

Entrance test: this takes place over the first days of the first year in the bachelor’s degree course (in late-September; the exact date varies from year to year) and consists of two parts: Use of English and Listening. All questions are multiple-choice, and the test examines grammar, vocabulary and the use of knowledge in order to understand meaning in communication. Candidates generally complete the test in 30-45 minutes.

Exit test: having completed the English language credits in the bachelor’s degree course and before beginning the compulsory subject in which the vehicular language is English, students take another English test to determine whether they have acquired the minimum language skills required to establish basic social contacts, that is to say, Level B1, and are, therefore, prepared to take a subject with content in their area of expertise in which the vehicular language is English.

English itineraries

  • Students who obtain Level A2 or above in the entrance test: these students will take two English language subjects: English I, a general course; and English II, focused on the knowledge area of their studies. Finally, they will also take a compulsory subject in which the vehicular language is English.
  • Students who obtain Level A1 in the entrance test: these students are advised to take Preparatory English (a face-to-face non-curricular subject on the bachelor’s degree course) before enrolling for English I. This subject will enable them to achieve Level A2, which is required for students taking English language subjects.
  • Students who obtain Level A0 in the entrance test: these students are advised to take a preliminary English course, which the UdA provides online, after which they can enrol for Preparatory English. Once they have completed these two preliminary steps, students should have achieved the necessary level to enable them to take the two English language subjects and, during the final phase in their studies, a compulsory subject in which the vehicular language is English.