Online course: Language and Literature in Andorra and the Pyrenees

Course structure 

The online course on Language and Literature in Andorra and the Pyrenees includes the following contents.

Forward schedule

This program will be offered during the first semestre of every academic year.

Teaching methodology

Thanks to the online teaching methodology students can access the program at any time and from anywhere, through the use of information and communications technology.

University of Andorra’s online campus is the communication and information virtual space among students, students and teachers and the university and all its community. It is also the place where the program’s teaching materials can be found.

The online student is responsible for his or her own learning process, and the online campus provides a series of tools to facilitate the aforesaid process: orientation and monitoring by the teachers, communication with other students, access to the materials, information about additional documentation…


This course is taught entirely in Catalan. All the activities, papers and exams will be written in Catalan. Also, the communication among students and teachers will take place in Catalan.


Carolina Bastida
Albert Villaró


Students that are successful in the evaluation process will obtain a diploma of attendance and achievement on Language and literature in Andorra and the Pyrenees, issued by the University of Andorra.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees for this course are 44,76 € per credit and 26,13 € per year for teaching material.

A 21,60 € discount will be applied to students at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

Pre-enrolment from April 1st to September 18th.

Final exam

The final exam will take place on-campus at the Universtiy of Andorra. It will be two hours in length and students will be able to choose between two dates. Students can also do the exam at one of Universitat Oberta de Catalunya’s headquarters if they give notice in advance.

Final exam dates:

First semestre: during January.