Bachelor of Communication

The Bachelor of Communication aims to train multi-skilled professionals and provide them with a solid base of knowledge and abilities in the discipline. This enables them to adequately develop communicative activities, taking as much into account the diversity of the media as the diversity of the strategic objectives of companies.

Method of Teaching

  • Online, in collaboration with the Open University of Catalonia.


To obtain the Bachelor of Communication, students must fulfil 180 compulsory credits from the curriculum.

Sem.Subjects (taught in Catalan)ECTSTotal
1ICT Competences in Communication630
Language and Communication6
Introduction to Journalism6
Oral and Written Expression6
Communication Theories I6
2Introduction to Public Relations630
Modern Language I: English / French6
Information Search and Retrieval6
Introduction to Audiovisual communication6
Creative Thinking6
3Marketing Fundamentals630
Sociology of Communications6
Economic History of Contemporary Andorra6
Introduction to Advertising6
Introduction to Business6
4Modern Language II: English / French
Psychology of Communications6
Content Management6
Audiovisual Expression6
Public Relations Systems and Processes6
5Public Relations Techniques630
Audiovisual Production6
Andorran Communicative Environment6
Audiovisual Narrative6
Visual Design and Graphic Expression6
6Entrepreneur Initiative630
Audiovisual Script6
Audiovisual Media Technology6
Advertising Systems and Processes6
Degree Dissertation / Internship6

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Communication offers a wide variety of career opportunities. Professions for which the graduated student of the Bachelor of Communication will be trained include:

  • Communications officer in companies and institutions.
  • Creator of multimedia communication content with expressive, informative and advertising purposes.
  • Manager of advertising activity.
  • Manager of audiovisual and multiplatform products.

Further Education

The Bachelor of Communication gives access to second cycle studies (master) in the countries of the European Higher Education Area.

Complementary Information

The Bachelor of Communication, together with 60 additional credits, leads to obtaining the equivalent Spanish degree by the Open University of Catalonia, providing the candidate meets the requirements to attain university degrees in Spain.

The Bachelor of Communication is a program offered in collaboration with the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). The teaching of most subjects (162 european credits) is through the virtual learning environment of that other university (UOC), except for the specific subjects of Andorra (18 european credits), teaching which takes place through the virtual learning environment of the University of Andorra.

The specific subjects of Andorra are:

  • Economic History of Contemporary Andorra
  • Andorran Communicative Environment
  • Degree Dissertation / Internship