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In March 2022, UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, announced the renewal of the UNESCO Chair of the University of Andorra (UdA), titled “Information technologies: Education and solidarity-based development. The case of small states”. Thus, the agreement for the creation of the Chair, signed in Paris on 20 November 2006, was renewed for a period of four years until November 2025. The UNESCO-approved Chair began its activity in September 2007.

The chief aim of the UNESCO Chair of the University of Andorra is to help to reduce the digital divide by means of education and exchanges of experiences. For this purpose, the Chair works on the promotion of information and communications technology in the field of education as a fundamental element for the dissemination of these technologies in society. The Chair adheres to the World Declaration on Education for All (1990) and the Dakar Framework for Action (2000), especially Goal 6 regarding the quality of education. It also participates in the United Nations DESD (Decade of Education for Sustainable Development), insofar as it plans educational initiatives in developing countries and the study of higher education models applicable to isolated regions with scattered populations, limited resources and/or communication difficulties.


The educational projects receive the support of several institutions, including the Commune of Andorra la Vella and the Andorran Health Service.

Aula Magna

A set of academic activities designed for people who wish to study at the country’s university, whatever their age.

Aula Lliure

This opens knowledge up to all the country’s citizens, giving them the opportunity to study the subjects on offer at the University of Andorra without them having to meet the access requirements. Further information in Catalan

Postgraduate studies in Mediation

The need for professionals capable of performing the task of mediator in Andorra is the chief motivation of this postgraduate course.

Education in Quality Management

Education designed for students and professionals who wish to improve their skills in their professional field.

Education in International Cooperation and Volunteering

One of the aims is to provide tools for intervention and basic skills to manage situations in the field of development cooperation.

Education in pedagogical innovation

Workshop on applications of methodological strategies and educational resources for pedagogical innovation with the aim of improving educational activity.

Dyslexia training. Concept, diagnosis and treatment

The main aim of this seminar is to provide professionals with knowledge for the detection and application of intervention tools and to increase awareness of evident difficulties beyond reading and writing.

Education on another way of teaching science to boys and girls

The aim of this seminar is to approach the study of sciences from an inductive point of view, connecting science with phenomena in everyday life.

Education in the teaching of human rights and democratic citizenship

This course develops professional teaching competencies for the reflection, application and design of educational materials on human rights and democratic citizenship.


This involves the UNESCO Chair of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Education and the Language Research Group.

Project on multilingualism and university

The aim is to understand the socio-linguistic reality of the university and provide it with a language plan to promote multilingualism and the sustainability of language itself.

Project on linguistic uses and attitudes

The project on linguistic uses and attitudes studies the use of languages and the attitudes of the further-education students in the Principality of Andorra.

Other projects

The University of Children

A university social responsibility project with the aim of increasing children’s interest in science and promoting scientific dissemination, overcoming stereotypes with regard to scientific knowledge. Further information in Catalan

Debate League

A public speaking competition in which several teams of students from different schools meet to debate controversial topics and current issues.

UdA Solidària

The University of Andorra strives to promote its social role based on solidarity and cooperation by means of awareness-raising and volunteering tasks. Further information in Catalan


Director: Daniel Bastida