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What the students think

  /    /  What the students think

Some of the students who graduated in 2019 assess their time at the University of Andorra and tell us about the experiences throughout their years of education.


Carlos Pereira – Bachelor of Business Administration

“I recommend the University of Andorra because the fact that the classes are small with not so many students makes everything really friendly; the teachers are very approachable and you have plenty of opportunities to learn things in different ways.  I also like the combination between theory and practice, as there’s lots of practical work with computers, and that’s good”.

“I’m already working and what’s helped me a lot from the bachelor’s degree are the practical classes with the computer, especially those on Excel. For me it’s essential for the work I’m doing and it’s helped me a lot”.


Stephanie Marasigan – Bachelor of Nursing

“From my time at the UdA I’d underline the experience it’s given us; in Nursing we don’t do the internships just in Andorra, as they also give us the chance to do them in other centres in Spain and France, and I even have classmates who’ve been able to do them in Monaco. I appreciate the personalised treatment the teaching staff offer; they’re really supportive and if you have any queries they’ll help you out with anything”.

“As there aren’t many of us, there’s a lot more connection among the classmates. In other places I’ve seen lots of competition and here it’s not the case; on the contrary, there’s a great deal of cohesion and we really help each other”.


Meritxell Rocha – Bachelor of Nursing

“The Bachelor of Nursing is an outstanding course. If you like caring for and looking after people, it’s the best thing you can do”.

“From my time at the UdA I’d like to emphasise the high standard required, which brought the best out of us and will help us to be better professionals. And the kindness of the teachers; they’ve been really nice people and when we’ve had a personal problem they’ve been there to give us their support, which also means the course isn’t so tough”.


Katia Castro – Bachelor of Business Administration

“I came from Ecuador and in the first year, not having any Catalan, I enjoyed special treatment and was able to do the classes in Spanish. Then, in the second and third years, I did everything in Catalan, but I think this is a great benefit for students who come from abroad”.

“What I like about the Bachelor of Business Administration is that it’s made up of several parts; each of them is associated with a different work area, such as accounting, management or financial management. In this way you can take in a bit of everything and you have lots of career opportunities”.


Bruno Gouveia – Bachelor of Business Administration

“I like the University of Andorra because it’s very small and that means we’re like a little family. For this reason you can always rely on the teachers to give you a hand. The important thing is that we’re not just numbers, as can happen at larger universities such as Barcelona or Salamanca”.


Aida Gómez – Bachelor of Teaching and Learning

“What I liked most is that the instructors are so approachable, they help you a lot in both the personal and academic fields. They give you a lot of support throughout the degree and they guide you and encourage you to continue if you encounter any setbacks”.

“The Teaching and Learning degree is lots of fun; in the first year we begin making short appearances at schools, doing small plays and activities for the children (from the youngest ones to the oldest ones), and this encourages you to continue and want to be a teacher”.


Brandon Dias – Bachelor of Teaching and Learning

“I recommend the Bachelor of Teaching and Learning because it really opens the door to a totally unknown world. When we think about school and teachers, we don’t consider that behind things there’s a theory and very specific methodologies to be followed to teach future citizens to create a better world, which is what we want to achieve”.

“As it’s a very small university, it leads to a very good student-lecturer relationship, which means we can learn while having fun with them”.


Maria del Carmen Cardoso – Bachelor of Teaching and Learning

“What I liked most is that from the first year onwards I had the opportunity to relate to the children, going to a classroom, having to prepare the class and setting the pace. This helps you to work out if you really like the profession and how you can improve, and I find that very important”.

“As it’s a small university, you have the chance to have greater contact with the instructors and personalised attention. If you have any queries you can go to their office, while some of them even give you their phone number and you can call them, not just for classroom issues but also for help with personal matters”.


 Carles Ferri – Bachelor of Computer Science

“At other universities, having a tutorial with the instructor is like asking the doctor for an appointment, while here, on the other hand, the relationship between students and instructors is really friendly, and you have them at your disposal at any time”.

“As there aren’t many of us in the classroom, the classes are very personalised; all the syllabus is covered but the instructor goes at the pace set by the students. If we want to spend more time on a specific subject, there’s lots of flexibility.


Dídac Invernon – Bachelor of Computer Science

“The University of Andorra gives you the chance to do university-level studies online, enabling you to combine your work and studies”.

“The Computer Science degree has been like a refresher course, enabling me to update myself with the area of computing, which is a field that evolves very quickly”.