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Industrial Doctorate

  /    /  Industrial Doctorate

Created within the framework of the University of Andorra’s Doctoral Programme, the Industrial Doctorate project aims to foster research in the country’s economic and productive environments, as well as to add value to training in research.

The initiative is aimed at encouraging any company or public or private institution to do research on a field of their interest, devoting one or more of their professionals to this purpose. The research will become the subject of a doctoral thesis within the UdA Doctoral Programme, which will be conducted by the person in charge of the research project (doctoral student). This training will allow the doctoral student to start their career as a researcher in a dual environment: business and academia.


Objectives of the programme

  • To retain talent in the country and to attract international talent.
  • To strengthen the relationship between the University’s research activity and the national and international business networ
  • To increase the research activity in the business sector.
  • To provide the doctoral students with the necessary skills to carry out Research + Development + Innovation projects in the business context.


Three players involved

  • Public or private institutions, which should guarantee the person in charge of the research ­–the doctoral student–­ an employment contract of at least three years, and designate a doctor who will supervise their research and business activity.
  • The University of Andorra, which provides the research training to the doctoral student through the Doctoral Programme, appoints a doctor to be in charge of the scientific and academic supervision and ensures the correct accomplishment of the doctoral
  • The doctoral student, who must follow the UdA Doctoral Programme, respecting the deadlines and fulfilling the established requirements. Their dedication to the research project may be distributed between the two environments (the public or private company and the University of Andorra).


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