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Double degree programmes UdA-UOC

  /    /  Double degree programmes UdA-UOC

Andorra and Spain have each taken different measures to adapt to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The first cycle university degrees of Andorra (Bachelor’s degrees) are programmes that consist of 180 European credits, representing a student’s 3-year full-time dedication, while in Spain, the first cycle university degrees adapted to the EHEA (grau in Catalan) are study programmes that consist of 240 European credits, representing a student’s 4 years full time dedication. Regarding second cycle programmes, which are called master’s degrees in both states, represent a total dedication (between the first and second cycles) of 300 credits (5 years full-time dedication), in that way, the Spanish master programmes consist of 60 European credits (1 year) and the Andorran master programmes of 120 European credits (2 years).

The University of Andorra (UdA) and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) have established a double degree agreement defining, for the degrees offered jointly, itineraries that allow students who meet the academic requirements of each state, to attain a double degree. These itineraries allow students from both universities to obtain an official degree of Bachelor from the Andorran State by the UdA in fulfilling 180 credits and then obtaining an official degree in Spain through the UOC, by passing 60 additional credits.

The specific itineraries for each degree can be found at:

For students at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC):

Enrolment procedures for Andorran specific subjects (Andorran Minor)

The enrolment procedure is the following:

  • Students who are not enroled in the Bachelor at the UdA must enrol in these courses in their format of university lifelong-learning offer, as Refresher courses (information in Catalan).
  • Student must fill out the pre-enrolment form with the suitable refresher course.
  • The UOC students, in filling out the pre-enrolment form must specify at the additional comments section, that they are from UOC and must indicate UOC programme in which they are enroled.
Entry application procedure through the University of Andorra

Students must request the recognition of admission to the bachelor programmes to the Ministry responsible for Higher Education

Application procedure for the Bachelor’s Degree

Once recognized the admission to Bachelor programmes and having passed the subjects set forth in the itinerary, candidates must complete the registration to the corresponding Bachelor programme at the pre-enrolment form.

In the pre-enrolment form, it is necessary to specify at the additional comments section: “double degree UdA-UOC.” The pre-enrolment forms that include this comment, will be registered containing all the credits presented at no additional cost. Students must pay the tuition fees for the first enrolment at the University of Andorra.