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Degrees and certificates

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Official Degrees

Students who complete official studies at the University of Andorra obtain an official bachelor’s, specialised bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree. The official degree is a document issued by the Ministry of Higher Education that certifies that the student has fully passed the study programme approved by the Andorran Government, with academic and, as appropriate, professional validity in Andorra. The official university degrees have been adapted to the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) and the EDS (European Diploma Supplement), an academic certificate for studies that is recognised throughout Europe.

It also leads to a official degree, in this case for vocational training, known as the Advanced Professional Diploma (DPA in Catalan). This diploma corresponds to level 5 of the UNESCO’s ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education) and level 5 of MAQ, the Andorran Framework of Qualifications.

In the case of the test for access to higher education for people over 25, organized by the Andorran Government, is this institution the one that issues a certificate with the final mark obtained in the test, although this is not an academic degree. Passing the test entitles the person to be admitted to higher education studies in Andorra and to apply for jobs in the Andorran public sector that have a baccalaureate’s degree qualification requirement within a period of six years, starting from the date indicated on the certificate.

Official university degrees are issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and are presented during the autumn following completion of the studies. Before that date interested parties must make the application for the qualification and pay the established public fee (at the One-stop Government Service – Servei de Tràmits) and, if necessary, they may collect the certificate for the issuance of the qualification from the Ministry. Until they receive the qualification, they can also ask the UdA for an academic or transcript certificate.

The University of Andorra is responsible for issuing the EDS (European Diploma Supplement) for an official degree. The EDS is a mechanism for the recognition of degrees adapted to and accepted by the countries that form part of the European Higher Education Area which contains unified and personalised information for each university degree holder with regard to the studies completed, the level of the qualification and the marks obtained, among other data. The EDS is issued in Catalan and English, although the applicant may also ask for it to be translated into Spanish, French or Portuguese.


The UdA’s own degrees

The University of Andorra issues its own degrees that certify completion of the study programme of lifelong learning studies taught by the UdA in use of its autonomy.

  • Postgraduate diplomas are issued to students who pass a postgraduate course and hold a university degree recognised in Andorra.
  • Course completion diplomas are also issued to accredit the completion of other course formats or postgraduate courses in the event that the person does not have a university degree recognised in Andorra.
  • Finally, the UdA issues attendance certificates to people who participate in seminars and short training courses.

The diplomas for the University of Andorra’s own degrees can be collected at the university as soon as the students are informed that they are available. Until they receive the degree, they can ask the UdA for an academic or transcript certificate.