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Research Group on Economics and Laws

The Research Group on Economics and Laws (GRED) from the University of Andorra was established in 2008 as Research Group on Financial Economics with the aim of promoting research in the field of business in order to generate and disseminate knowledge and strategies that are useful for the whole of the economic structure.

The objectives of the research group are:

  1. Identifying and classifying intangible assets involved in the management of a company.
  2. Create a model of intellectual capital adapted to the type of organization.
  3. Studying the human capital of organizations.
  4. Studying the quality of service organizations.
  5. Studying organizational learning and its relation to knowledge creation.
  6. Analyze customer satisfaction in the hotel sector.
  7. Analyze the determinants of occupational health and safety in organizations.
  8. Study the factors that determine foreign direct investment.
  9. Study the legal regime of animals.

Rosa M. Mariño Mesías

Ph. D. in Business organization and strategy. Graduate in Economics and business, specializing in the Economy of the company. Group coordinator.



Josep Fortó Areny

Ph. D. in Business organization and knowledge management. Graduate in Business administration, Graduate in Business sciences, Postgraduate in Financial markets, Postgraduate in Financial instruments, Graduate in Mathematics.


Cristina Fernández Farina

Ph. D. in Occupational health and safety. Master’s degree in Occupational risk prevention. Graduate in Social and cultural anthropology. Graduate in Nursing.


Lorena Jordana Carmona

Ph. D. candidate in the field of Economics. MSc in International management. MA in European economic integration. Master in Taxation. Graduate in Business administration.


Celia Guitián Miranda

Ph. D. candidate in the field of Laws. Master in Business administration. Graduate in Laws.

PROJECT 1 (current). Study of the intellectual capital of the hotel sector


  • Identify and study the elements of the intellectual capital of the hotel sector in the Principality of Andorra, with the objective of making proposals to improve the management of companies in the sector.
  • Propose a specific intellectual capital model for this sector.

Actions developed:

PROJECT 2 (finished). Study of the intellectual capital of the two main Andorran ski resorts


Actions developed:

  • Evaluation of the importance that experts give to the different elements that make up the intellectual capital of the alpine ski resorts.

PROJECT 3 (current). Study of customer satisfaction within the Andorran hotel sector. Preparation of a satisfaction model proposal


  • Understand customer satisfaction with the Andorran hotel sector and prepare a model proposal.

Actions developed:

  • Obtaining the Booking data.
  • Analysis of the first data obtained from specialized website.

PROJECT 4 (current). Study of occupational health and safety in organizations


  • Analyze the factors involved in occupational health and safety in the ski resorts of the Principality of Andorra.

Actions developed:

  • Obtaining data from the ski resorts of Andorra.
  • Analysis of the perception of the workers of the ski resorts regarding occupational health and safety.

PROJECT 5 (current). Study of the determining factors of foreign direct investment in Andorra


  • Explain the behavior of multinational companies in Andorra, including the motivations for entering the Andorran economy and their actions once they have settled in the country. This goal is part of the current doctoral thesis Economic, political and institutional reforms to attract foreign investment. The case of the Principality of Andorra (Lorena Jordana Carmona).

Actions developed:

  • Identification of the theoretical framewoork.

PROJECT 6 (current). Study of the legal regime of animals in Andorra


  • Analyze the adequacy of existing regulations from the perspective of animal welfare in Andorra and propose improvements in order to bring it closer to an international level. This goal is part of the current doctoral thesis Legal status of animals in Andorra (Celia Guitián Miranda).

Actions developed:

  • Identification of the theoretical framewoork.


Josep Fortó and Rosa M. Mariño are membres of the Asociación Española de Contabilidad y Administración de Empresas. Comisión de Turismo de AECA.

Doctoral theses

Fernández Farina, C. (2020). Relació entre l’avaluació, la percepció i la gestió dels riscos laborals en els dominis d’esquí alpí d’Andorra. (Tesi doctoral). Universitat d’Andorra

Fortó Areny, J. (2017). Proposta d’un marc conceptual per a modelar l’aprenentatge organitzatiu i la creació de coneixement. Una aplicació en organitzacions d’ensenyament superior. (Tesi doctoral). Universitat d’Andorra.

Mariño Mesías, R. M. (2015). Proposta d’un model relacional entre el capital humà i la qualitat de servei. Una aplicació al sector bancari andorrà. (Tesi doctoral). Universitat d’Andorra.

Conferences, congresses journal articles and books


  • Fernández-Farina, C., Sabrià-Bernadó, B., & Mariño-Mesías, R.M. (2022, Abril). Riesgos en el dominio de salud y seguridad de la escala DOSPERT entre los empleados del sector del esquí andorrano según el sexo. Presentat al V Simposio Ibérico de Riesgos Psicosociales (SIRPS), Aveiro.