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Mobility grants

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Grants for international mobility are the financial amounts offered by the University of Andorra to encourage students to participate in a face-to-face mobility at another university with which the UdA has signed an agreement.



In order to receive a grant for international mobility, the applicant must:

  • Be a student in an official degree at the University of Andorra
  • Have acquired at least 30 approved European credits in the official degree
  • Have not previously received a mobility grant for the same study programme
  • Have enrolled in at least 24 European credits during the mobility semester
  • Acquired more than 21 credits (or between 12 and 21 credits to receive 35% of the grant). More information



To apply for a grant, one must complete the mobility form and the Declaration for the awarding of mobility grants. This declaration states that the student is in accordance with the rules governing the awarding of grants and that the student, if awarded a grant, authorizes the UdA to make the grant awarding public, including the amount and the purpose of the funds.

The decision to award the grant is the responsibility of the Academic Board of the University of Andorra. The Academic Board makes a decision once it has received the acceptance letter from the destination university and after reviewing the student’s eligibility.


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