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Pre-enrolment and enrolment

  /    /  Pre-enrolment and enrolment

Key dates for new students (2023-2024, spring semester)

Pre-enrolment to study any of the courses on offer at the University of Andorra is performed online via the pre-enrolment form within the deadlines established for each degree. Pre-enrolment is a procedure that is free of charge and does not entail an ultimate commitment to enrol.

The pre-enrolment form enables students to enter personal data and select the syllabus or course they wish to study at the University of Andorra.

The information transmitted between the user’s computer and the University of Andorra contains personal data and, therefore, it must be transmitted with the highest security guarantees to ensure it is not visible to third parties. The University of Andorra uses security certificates to perform this task.

Enrolment for new students

Once the pre-enrolment has been completed, the University of Andorra will contact the future student to request all the documentation required to process the enrolment.

Enrolment for current students

In the case of students who are already receiving formal education at the UdA, the procedures to study for a further semester are performed via the academic management application of the Virtual Campus, making the enrolment proposal, which will have to be validated by the academic coordination.


To begin studies in September (the autumn semester), pre-enrolment takes place from mid-March to late June or August (depending on the degree) and the enrolment must be completed by the start of the semester in September.

To begin studies in February (the spring semester), pre-enrolment takes place from November to late January (depending on the degree) and the enrolment must be completed by the start of the semester in February.