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Governing bodies

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The University Council is the highest pluripersonal authority of the University of Andorra. It is composed of the Rector, two representatives of the General Administration (Government of Andorra), two representatives of the teaching staff, two representatives of the students, a representative of the administrative and technical staff, a representative of the business and professional sectors, and a representative of the private entities that cooperate with the University.

University Council

Rector (president of the University Council):
  • Mr Miquel Nicolau Vila
Representatives of the General Administration:
  • Mr Ladislau Baró Solà
  • Ms Helena Mas Santuré
Representatives of the teaching staff:
  • Ms Lorena Jordana Carmona
  • Mr Sergi Rios Ballano (deputy)
  • Ms Alexandra Monné Bellmunt (until December 2023)
  • Mr Vicent Blasco Ferron (deputy)
Representative of the administrative and technical staff:
  • Ms Ana Maria Torrebella Serentill (until December 2023)
  • Ms Rosa Maria Exposito Solà (deputy)
Representatives of the students:
  • Mr Arnau Solé Sánchez
  • Ms Farah Raguig Rami (deputy)
  • Ms Itzel Ivon Blanco Rodríguez
  • Ms Lucia Culleres Soto (deputy)
Representative of the business and professional sectors:
  • Ms Sílvia Estrada Alberich
Representative of the persons or private entities who cooperate with the University of Andorra:
  • Mr Francesc Xavier Cornella Castel

General Manager

  • Ms Maria d’Urgell Sansa Call

Direction of Colleges

  • College of Health and Education Sciences: Ms Virginia Larraz Rada
  • College of Business and Technology: Mr Josep Fortó Areny
  • College of eLearning and Lifelong Learning: Ms Montserrat Casalprim Ramonet