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Student Support Service

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The SAE (Student Support Service) is a space for guidance within the university community that provides extracurricular support for students of the UdA (University of Andorra) with psychosocial needs or in situations of vulnerability that may hinder or impede the continuity of their studies.

In this regard, the SAE chiefly plays the role of intermediary between the student and any assistance services available in the country. Thus, the SAE cooperates with the Service providing Guidance for Young people in Situations of Vulnerability from the Department of Social Affairs and Youth of the Government of Andorra. The new service was launched in June 2019.

How to contact the SAE:

  • In person: at the offices of lecturers Àngels Jiménez and Nadia Azzouz
  • On the phone: ask for either of the lecturers at +376 743 000
  • By email: