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Steps to follow

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In order to participate in an international mobility programme, the student must:

  • Be enrolled in an official degree at the University of Andorra
  • Have passed a minimum number of credits, depending on the study programme.
  • Comply with the regulations of the hosting university.
  • Enrol in a minimum number of credits at the UdA during the mobility semester, depending on the study programme.

It is the student’s responsibility to consult the admissions requirements for the destination university. It is important to remember that admission criteria for universities may change and students should pay special attention to the language requirements of the destination university.


To apply for mobility for the autumn semester (September-January), students must apply prior to 15 March.

To apply for mobility for the spring semester (February-June), students must apply prior to 30 September.

Steps to follow in order to enrol in an international mobility programme:

  1. Check, together with the coordination of your study programme, the universities with which the UdA has an agreement to choose the host university and find out about the access requirements.
  2. Confirm with your coordination the equivalence between the courses that will be taken at the host university and those of your study programme at the UdA. In the case of doctoral candidates, the work plan for the doctoral thesis must be agreed upon with the thesis supervisor(s).
  3. Fill in the mobility form for UdA students. In the case of doctoral candidates, fill in the corresponding form.
  4. If you apply for the mobility grant, you must also sign and attach Annex 1 (More information on grants).
  5. Write a cover letter to the Academic Board.
  6. Make the payment of the mobility fee through Gestió Académica, selecting the procedure 100020 – Mobility deposit (Refundable fee unless the student renounces the mobility without just reason).
  7. Send the form, Annex 1, the cover letter and the payment receipt to the International Programmes Service:
  8. Once the Academic Board has accepted the application, the International Programmes Service sends the nomination to the host university, which must also accept mobility on its part and send you the acceptance letter.
  9. Complete the enrolment of the mobility semester at the UdA. The tuition fee is always paid at the UdA, although you must also register for courses at the host university through its own registration system.
  10. Once enrolment has been accepted, students must prepare:
  • Documentation required by the host university
  • Destination country visa (if applicable)
  • International health insurance (if applicable)
  • Residence permit and accommodation search