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  /    /  Internationalisation

The University of Andorra’s opening up to the world and its internationalisation constitute one of the four strategic pillars upon which the institution bases its raison d’être. The aims of the Internationalisation Plan are to increase the mobility of the university’s students and staff, to increase its attractiveness for international students by incorporating English as a working language, to promote the creation of services and infrastructures for local and international students and to ensure that the education related to the country’s strategic areas becomes an international benchmark.


An institution with international recognition

To achieve its goals in the field of internationalisation, it is essential for the UdA to be an institution with international recognition. The University of Andorra has adapted all its courses to the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) and the teaching load of the different qualifications is calculated in terms of European credits, with 180 credits for first cycle (bachelor’s degrees), 120 credits for second cycle (master’s degrees) and three years equivalent to full-time for the Doctoral Programme. In addition, all the State university diplomas are accompanied by the European Diploma Supplement.

In addition, given its clear intention to open up to the world, the UdA forms part of numerous university networks and international organisations. It also participates in several international projects with other university institutions.

Year after year, in order to guarantee the success of the international mobility programmes, the range of links and agreements between the University of Andorra and other universities around the world is expanded. The UdA currently has agreements with about forty universities in countries all over the world.