Bachelor of Laws

The student with a Bachelor of Laws acquires general basic training in the framework of legal disciplines, so that they will be well-versed in the basic concepts of the Science of Law and, in addition, obtain a minimum yet sufficient knowledge of the national legal structure and the normative content of the different branches of law.

Method of Teaching

  • Online, in collaboration with the Open University of Catalonia.


The curriculum of the Bachelor of Laws consists of 180 European credits. These credits are all compulsory.

Sem.Subjects (taught in Catalan)ECTSTotal
1Use and functions of ICT630
Introduction to Law6
Spanish constitutional system6
Introduction to Economics6
Expression, argumentation and negotiation techniques6
2Modern language I: English / French630
Civil Law I 6
Constitutional law6
Criminal Law I6
Public International Law6
3Modern language II: English / French630
Civil law II6
Constitution and other sources of Andorran Law6
Administrative Law I 6
Criminal law II6
4Civil Law III630
Administrative Law II6
Financial and Tax Law6
Commercial Law I6
Labour Law I6
5Civil Law IV630
Commercial Law II6
Procedural Law I6
Economic Penal Law4
Human Rights4
Liability law4
6Procedural Law II630
Private International Law6
Internet Law6
Andorran Civil Law6
Philosophy of Law6

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Laws offers a wide range of career opportunities. We live in an society that requires technically and socially qualified professionals to take care of jobs in areas such as:

  • Administration of Justice
  • Civil Service
  • International Organisations

Further Education

The Bachelor of Laws gives access to second cycle studies (Master) in the countries of the European Higher Education Area.

Complementary Information

The Bachelor of Laws, together with 60 additional credits, leads to obtaining the equivalent Spanish degree by the Open University of Catalonia, providing the candidate meets the requirements to attain university degrees in Spain.

The Bachelor of Laws is a program offered in collaboration with the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). The teaching of most subjects (168 credits) is through the virtual learning environment of that other university (UOC), except for the specific subjects of Andorra (12 credits), teaching which takes place through the virtual learning environment of the University of Andorra.

The specific subjects of Andorra are:

  • Constitution and other sources of Andorran Law
  • Andorran Civil Law