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Faculty Mobility

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Stays abroad

Teaching faculty, researchers, technical and administrative staff at the Universitat d’Andorra (UdA) may spend time in another university in order to acquire new knowledge and experience. Interested personnel must consult the universities with which the UdA has signed a mobility agreement, and contact the International Programmes Service.

The UdA staff wishing to stay at another university can make the application by filling in the Form for requesting mobility for UdA faculty.

If you would like to propose a mobility outside the framework of these agreements, please contact the International Programmes Service.


Stay at the UdA

Personnel from other universities who wish to stay at the Universitat d’Andorra must also consult whether their institution has an agreement with the UdA, and can apply by completing the Mobility form for incoming faculty.

Additionally, the Universitat d’Andorra may receive mobility participants with DRAC grants from other Xarxa Vives universities.

For more information, contact the International Programmes Service.


Rosa Benabarre, a doctoral candidate with an undergraduate degree in primary education and a master’s degree in psychopedagogy from the University of Lleida (UdL), was a visiting scholar for three months at the University of Andorra (UdA) during the 2018-2019 academic year.