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The bachelor’s degree at the University of Andorra are taught mainly in Catalan, the official language of the Principality of Andorra, which is spoken by more than 7 million people. Doctoral candidates may carry out their research in Catalan or English, although the training is mainly in Catalan. The only teaching language for online bachelor’s degrees in collaboration with the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) is Catalan.

For this reason, a student who wants to study an official degree at the University of Andorra must know Catalan. Learning Catalan is easy for people to understand and speak if they already know a Romance language like Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese. The UdA offers language support, learning resources and provides information about free courses available in the country. In addition, the university is aware that learning a language takes time, so it allows international students to speak and write in other languages ​​during their first year.

For more information, contact the International Programmes Service


Presence of English

To facilitate one-semester mobility programmes, each bachelor has a number of credits taught in English. Here are the subjects taught in English:

Autumn semester
  • Auditing (6 European credits) (Business)
  • International Trade (6 European credits) (Buisness)
  • Nurse Leadership (4 European credits) (Nursing)
  • Data bases, Documentation and ICT (Nursing, seminar from Module 1. The profession)
Spring semester
  • Human Resources (6 European credits) (Business)
  • Commercial Management II (6 European credits) (Business)
  • Computing Tools II (6 European credits) (Business)
  • Networks and Computer Security (15 European credits) (Computer Science)
  • Data Analysis and Project Management (15 European credits) (Computer Science)
  • Teaching and Learning Integrated in a Second Language I (15 European credits, some of them in English) (Education)

Presence of French

The Bachelor of Teaching and Learning is a study programme that includes a combination of courses delivered in three languages (Catalan, French and English). These languages of instruction are shown in the syllabus of each module.