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DPA in Accounting and Management

The Advanced Professional Diploma (DPA) in Accounting and Management is a higher professional qualification whose main purpose is to provide professionals with a good core of theoretical and practical knowledge that prepares them to successfully carry out their duties in many areas of activity within an organisation. On finishing their academic education at the University of Andorra, students will complete a minimum 400 hours of compulsory professional practice.

On completing their studies, graduates from this course will be equipped with the necessary professional skills and a versatile and adaptable profile, in line with the current needs of the employment market. More specifically, this higher vocational education qualification is aimed at students who wish to obtain a high level of professional qualification in the field of accounting and administrative management.

The DPA in Accounting and Management is evaluated and accredited by the AQUA (Andorran Agency for the Quality of Higher Education), which ensures its quality and European recognition. Students who pass these courses can obtain an Advanced Professional Diploma in Accounting and Management, a state professional education qualification issued by the Andorran Government.

   European level:

EHEA’s short cycle


on-campus or online (compulsory on-site internships)

   Credit load:

120 european credits


4 semesters




From September to June


Lorena Jordana Carmona (

It can be studied in on-campus or online, part-time or full-time, allowing the students to combine their studies with other professional or personal activities.

Specialised training in the field of accounting, in which there is great demand for professionals in Andorra.

A new study programme was approved in 2022 in order to adapt it to the new educational model of the University of Andorra. It uses a competence-based methodology that eliminates the classic concept of subjects.

Programme with a high practical component, which prepares students to enter the workplace with full assurances.

The teaching staff is formed by academics and first-rate professionals from the business world who enrich the training provided and give students insight into the professional world.

If students choose to continue studying and take the Bachelor of Business Administration, this education entails the recognition of credits.

The education includes seminars to perfect English and to reinforce the communicative competences of students in these languages.

Applicants must hold one of the following qualifications:

  • Andorran high school diploma
  • Access test to higher education for people aged over 25

Or an equivalent qualification, recognised by Government of Andorra.

Students who obtain the DPA in Accounting and Management at the University of Andorra will be able to obtain the following competences, among others:


  • Mastery of communication in different languages, conveying and understanding messages in different personal, social and professional contexts and situations.
  • The ability to work as a member of a team in a collaborative way, sharing responsibility.
  • The ability to manage information and communicate knowledge, resolving situations in a constantly-changing society.
  • To act in accordance with ethics and social responsibility as a citizen and as a professional.
  • The ability to design and develop entrepreneurial projects and processes from the perspective of sustainable balance for the transformation of the environment.
  • The ability to pursue academic and professional activities, adopting criteria based on quality.


  • Correlating internal and external aspects of the environment at a company in order to design strategies concerning its functional areas.
  • Drawing up financial statements that reflect the economic and financial reality of the company in accordance with accounting principles and standards.
  • Applying quantitative tools to resolve problems concerning business management.
  • Performing administrative tasks within the framework of a company’s different functional areas
  • Playing a role in in administration and management of human resources at an organisation.
  • Interpreting basic economic models related to the functioning of the economy.
  • Applying financial instruments in the development of business activities.
  • Analysing information from financial statements to assist decision-making.
  • Applying the main cost models in business management.
  • The ability to navigate the different tax procedures of the Andorran tax system.
  • Applying business management techniques to assist in decision-making.
  • Assimilating the techniques associated with the preparation of financial statements, budget closure and auditing economic and financial operations within the framework of a public administration.

The study programme of the DPA in Accounting and Management is made up of 120 European credits divided into four semesters of 30 credits each. Each semester is divided into two modules:

First 1M1. Tools for business administrationcompulsory15
M2. Introduction to the companycompulsory15
2M3. Administrative managementcompulsory15
M4. The accounting cyclecompulsory15
Second3M5. Accounting and tax managementcompulsory15
M6. Company managementcompulsory15
4M7. The Andorran business environment and internshipscompulsory15
M8. Intershipscompulsory15

Students of the DPA in Accounting and Management must complete an internship at a company equivalent to 17 European credits (at least 400 hours). The intership is concentrated into the fourth and last semester, and it’s always on-campus, regardless of the modality of education the student chooses (on-campus or online).

The UdA has established a large number of agreements with partner organisations in Andorra that can offer students internships, ensuring that they develop their practical know-how to the full.

Director: Josep Fortó Areny (

Coordinator: Lorena Jordana Carmona (

The degree has a broad representation of professionals from the highest level of the Andorran business fabric, who, together with the more academic lecturers, enrich the teaching through their experience and devotion to the business world.

The list of lecturers that teach the subjects of the Bachelor can be viewed in the teaching plans of each of the subjects, which have links on the study programme list.

In addition, the Directory of the University of Andorra enables students to search for and access the contact information on the UdA’s teaching, technical and administrative staff.

The DPA in Accounting and Management offers a wide range of career opportunities in fields related to the management and administration of companies in different economic sectors, in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and financial institutions and in the administration and public entities. Qualified professionals can develop the following professional profiles:

  • Accounting expert
  • Administrative technician of the company’s different departments
  • Assistant in the direction or management of a department or company

The Advanced Professional Diploma in Accounting and Management enables students to continue their first cycle university studies. If they do similar studies, such as the Bachelor of Business Administration, at the University of Andorra, this education entails the recognition of credits.