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7. Doctoral Thesis final evaluation


The final milestone of the doctoral programme is the defense of the Doctoral Thesis. Before the defense, the doctoral candidate must submit the final document to the University of Andorra within a minimum period of 30 days, so that is available for public international use to any doctor who may want to introduce amendments to it.

If there is no amendment which impedes presentation of the document, the defense will be made before an international panel.

The international panel:

  • Is nominated by the Research and Doctoral Commission
  • Is headed by a doctor from the University of Andorra
  • Is formed by five doctors: two, as a maximum, from the University of Andorra, and the rest from outside the University. Of the external doctors, two doctors, as a minimum, must carry out their research activity outside of Andorra.
  • The director of the thesis may not form part of the panel.

The panel will issue a report assessing the defense of the thesis. This report will indicate one of the following qualifications: “fall,” “pass,” “very good,” “excellent,” and “excellent with honours.”


Directrius per a la presentació i la defensa de la Tesi Doctoral
Procediment del tribunal de defensa de la Tesi Doctoral