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  /    /  Admission to the Doctoral Programme

1. Admission to the Doctoral Programme


The number of places for new doctoral candidates, academic course 2024/2025 is: 2 places

Admission  process (5 steps)

  1. STEP 1: Pre-enrolment can be done online here until 3 June 2024
  2. STEP 2: Presentation of the required documentation: until 7 June 2024

The documentation that must be provided is:

Support for international candidates

3.     STEP 3: Validation by the Admission Panel: 14 June 2024 

The Admission Panel is nominated by the Research and Doctoral Commission and is formed by three doctors: At least one of them will not belong to the University of Andorra.

The main point to be evaluated for the candidates is:

  • Interest in relation to the strategic lines of the University and / or the lines of research of the research groups and the training of the UdA.

4.     STEP 4: Nominations that have been valued positively will be defended before the Admission Panel: between 17 June and 10 July 2024

The candidate will have to make a presentation with the following points

  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Motivation for completing a doctoral degree.
  • Area of study within the field which the candidate hopes to study and its current status.
  • Research project with a description of related research groups (in Andorra and internationally) and noted international forums about the chosen area of study.
  • Social and economic implications for Andorra and possible applications of the chosen area of study.
  • Plan for the first year of research.

The main points to be evaluated for the candidates are:

  • Academic curriculum and knowledge of the field of study
  • Research abilities
  • Motivation and dedication of the candidate to the completion of the doctoral degree
  1. STEP 5: Once the panel has approved the candidate, the Research and Doctoral Commission must give final approval, which may limit the number of places according to the available budgetary resources.

The doctoral candidate will be provisionally admitted to the Doctoral Programme and the Research and Doctoral Commission will assign them a mentor, proposed by the candidate, who will guide them during the Doctoral Programme. The final acceptance will be made at the end of the second semester, and only if the candidate passes the established checkpoints and has their research project approved.