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Language policy

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Andorra has certain specific characteristics as regards the language, aspects that differentiate our country from other Catalan-speaking territories. Catalan is the sole official language here and is also, accordingly, the main and official language of the University of Andorra.

Moreover, due to its position within a traditional multilingual society, the UdA is an intrinsically multilingual institution. All its members are fully competent in the use of at least two languages, and many speak three or more.

All this means that the UdA pursues a two-fold vocation: that of working to ensure that Catalan becomes widely known and used as the language of the university and as cultural heritage and the sole official language in Andorra; and that of opening up to the world through – amongst many other initiatives – promoting knowledge and use of other languages by all members of the university community.

Amongst these other languages promoted at the UdA, particular attention should be paid to English, as a language of international communication both in the academic and the social and employment spheres, whilst not forgetting other languages that, along with Catalan, help to shape the socio-cultural landscape of Andorra, such as French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The UdA has established the bases for the use of the university’s official language and to promote multilingualism. These bases are set out in the Action Plan for Multilingualism at the University of Andorra (PAM). This Plan, which was approved at the end of the 2013-2014 academic year and began to be implemented over the 2014-2015 academic year, describes several goals and measures that revolve around two broad areas of action: fostering the knowledge and use of Catalan; and promoting multilingualism.

One of the first measures implemented under PAM was the new English language itinerary in all face-to-face bachelor’s degrees. As a result of this provision, all face-to-face UdA bachelor’s degree students are required to take a number of courses in which English is the vehicular language. You can find further information about this measure in the section devoted to Languages in bachelor’s degrees.