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SDG 10 – Reduced inequalities

  /    /  SDG 10 – Reduced inequalities

SDG 10 – Reduced inequalities

Reduce income inequality within and among countries
  • The University of Andorra acts as a social elevator for Andorran society, and helps to reduce social inequalities by opening up higher education to students with a lower socio-economic level compared to Spanish universities.[1]
  • With the aim of reducing social inequalities, university students have access to the Government of Andorra’s study grants as well as the mobility and research grants offered by the UdA, which are also opened to staff. Similarly, the university provides special payment conditions for students with financial difficulties and reductions on tuition fees for large families.
  • The main goal of the University of Andorra’s UNESCO Chair, established in 2007, is to help to reduce the digital divide through education and exchanges of experience. To this end, the Chair promotes educational initiatives in developing countries and the study of higher education models applicable in isolated regions with scattered populations, limited resources and/or communication difficulties.
  • The Bachelor’s degree course in Teaching and Learning and the Master in Education train teachers who focus on intervention, attention to diversity and inclusive environments with pupils with high capacity or major learning difficulties.
  • The University of Andorra promotes the free dissemination of knowledge, and awards grants to enable teaching and research staff to publish articles in open access scientific journals.




[1] Sabrià-Bernadó, B; Casalprim-Ramonet, M. (2020). Perfil y factores de éxito del estudiante universitario. El caso de la Universitat d’Andorra.